how we work


Aftermath of a global pandemic — war in Europe – inflation and interest rate hikes — geopolitical tensions with increasing bloc formation tendencies and dependency risks — regulatory challenges of climate policy – All this easily triggers the feeling of steering from one crisis to the next or even of being in a perpetual state of crisis.

Maintaining orientation in this “new normal” and setting the right priorities for your own business model comes with many demands.

We understand that each mid-sized enterprise has its unique strengths, faces specific challenges, and that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

Having an independent partner with extensive experience in international banking by your side can help identify the necessary adjustments through careful scrutiny and subsequently make difficult decisions to establish long-term stability for your company.

what we do


PONTES offers tailored solutions for challenging scenarios where sustainable strategic decisions are of paramount importance.

We assist you in achieving financial stability in difficult circumstances, executing succession strategies, and serve as your equal partner for a in-depth strategic dialogue, whether it’s for risk assessment or the advancement of your business model.

Our knowledge and guidance are geared towards providing you with direction and stability in this ever-changing environment.

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